John Kanzius

John Kanzius

He was just a boy with an interest in building his own ham radio.  He did it.  He knew about radio waves from his youth.  Once he had a coin in his pocket and stepped in front of his radio beam.  The waves did not harm his body, but immediately heated up the coin and burned his leg.  He remembered this experience.  He went on to become successful business man owning a TV station in Erie Pennsylvania.  He still used those waves he first learned about as a boy.  John did not complete college.  He was not trained in medicine.  But he did develop a terminal case of cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  John died in February 2009.  But not before he had invented a device that may well be the real answer for cancer. 

It was during his third wave of chemotherapy treatments at M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, Houston, TX, that John Kanzius determined that he was going to explore ways to make treating cancer better and easier.  When he returned home, sick from the treatments he told his wife there has to be a better way.  That very night armed with pie pans from his wife’s kitchen he entered his garage an started work. 

He was fortunate to meet and receive help from Dr. Steven Curley the lead researcher for cancer at M.D. Anderson Center.  He showed him his invention and Dr. Curley was impressed.  So much so, he said, “This is the most exciting news in my 20 years of research.”   Mr. Kanzius’ machine has the potential to treat any kind of cancer.  It doesn’t just help, it kills the cancer cells.  But even better, it does not harm the healthy cells surrounding the cancer.  A Miracle?  Perhaps!  It is certainly a marvel.

Mr. Kanzius was featured on 60 Minutes for an interview with Lesley Stahl.  That’s where I first heard about this man and his Cancer Killing Machine.  His story is amazing. 

As some would call it, Luck was with Dr. Curley.  He was treating another patient–a famous man in science.  Dr. Richard Smalley, the winner of the Nobel Price for Chemistry for his work with Nanoparticles.  Those particle, so small that a trillion of them can rest in the bottom of a common test tube.  The particles contain metals.  Dr. Smalleywas also being treated for a terminal cancer.  Dr. Curely asked to use some of his nanoparticles for an experiment using John Kanzius’ machine.  The experiment worked big time!  A few days later Dr. Smalley died.  But not before he knew the experiment was a success that offered hope for millions.  He was pleased and died in peace knowing he helped.

In  May of 2009, Dr. Curley appeared before the FDA in Washington making his case for human testing of the machine.  hopefully that approval will come either later this year, or early next year (2010).  Pray for his success and pray for this approval. 

Hope is on the horizon.  Help is in the lab.  John Kanzius did not live long enough to personally benefit from his invention, but he was aware that his machine works and that others will have the much needed help and relief he dreamed about.  God bless the memory of John Kanzius.

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